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Our thoughts: Mobile use and its potential impact on learning

A recent report of the Pew Internet and American Life Project suggests that Internet users will increasingly rely on mobile devices. Tablet computers like the iPad are currently poised to be the next big trend in mobile computing devices. We believe that this trend for tablet-based mobile devices will shape the delivery of texts and the experience of textual study in higher education. Read more...

Our thoughts: Beyond the e-textbook

In their recent conference presentation at the Campus Technology 2011 Forum (Long Beach, CA), Lisa Lewis, Ian MacInnes, and Aaron Miller argued that current models for mobile learning and e-books are not well suited to the liberal arts classroom. They previewed work done to address some of the problems they see in emerging mobile applications. Their presentation, Mobile Webapps for the Liberal Arts, is viewable in Prezi.

Our thoughts: Top 15 iOS apps for annotation and note-taking

Ian MacInnes, as a guest author for ProfHacker's Blog (a blog of The Chronicle of Higher Education), reviewed the top 15 iOS apps for annotation and note-taking for academics. UPAD is top among his favorite apps for annotation and note-taking.

November 2012 Educause Presentation - Beyond E-Textbooks: Writing Mobile Webapps for the Liberal Arts

Embedded below is a narrated video of our Educause presentation.

Our thoughts: Engaging Students in Learning Chemistry with Mobile Apps and Games

Lisa Lewis presented a poster at the 2013 Gordon Research Conference on Visualization in Science and Education held at Bryant University this past July. She is currently collaborating with Molecular Materials Informatics, on a mobile app for teaching molecular structure.